Real Client Reviews

Meredith is a special human. Her ability to truly connect with someone and hear them, combined with her huge heart, makes her a one-of-a -kind therapist. She has an innovative approach, with her little personal touches that make the experience more relaxing and more importantly, beneficial! I saw tremendous progress and quickly! My fears with certain issues and beliefs I had so deeply beat into my brain, I was able to free myself from, and rise from it. I feel like her sessions made me better, and stronger. More peaceful too.
Sara, 40

I have been doing therapy with Meredith for a few months now and it really has been a life changer! When I started, I was a mess to say the least … but through different techniques Meredith used I am not only feeling better but I’m getting my confidence back! She has been helpful in every way, even recommending changes in diet that have worked! She is a sweetheart to say the least and I would highly recommend her!!!
Loretta, 46

I have PTSD and Meredith has helped me so much. Everyone around me has noticed such a huge difference in me. She is a very kind, understanding and caring person. She has helped me more than any traditional therapist ever has. I have been in traditional therapy since I was 17. I feel so blessed to have found her.

Vanessa, 42

Meredith is the real deal. She is a true caretaker and nurturer to her core. She has helped me navigate my thoughts and emotions as well as finding strength that I never knew I possessed. At times, she has gone out of her why to guide me through a rough patch. If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it. I believe Meredith works miracles.

Sierra, 36

We’ve had one session with Meredith and absolutely love her. She connected with my 16-year-old daughter and helped improve her fear and anxiety immediately.

Janeen and Daughter, Hope 16

Meredith was so thorough and professional. I felt very comfortable with Meredith. She’s so easy to talk to. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with her!

Patrice, 52

I have been having weekly sessions with Meredith for the past couple of months initially to help deal with anxiety and experienced remarkable improvement within the first few sessions. Meredith is professional but also warm and relatable and puts you at ease instantly. Meredith gives easy to understand explanations regarding hypnosis and everything you do together. Would recommend her services to anybody seeking therapeutic hypnosis.

Amy, 50

Meredith takes the time to explain areas of the subconscious mind and how it forms certain habits that may not be beneficial. She also (with permission) asks about personal history to specifically tailor the session for maximum benefit. I have scheduled another session already and highly recommend her services as I have felt progress already!

Priscilla, 22

M.O. Hypnosis helped me enormously with what I was going through. Meredith evaluated my situation and helped me get on with my life. I had images in my head that were driving me crazy, and 2 Hypnotherapy sessions later these ugly images were not in my everyday thoughts. Meredith Osetek, C.Ht.  knows what she’s doing and I would recommend her services to anyone going through a traumatic time.

Frank, 73

She is wonderful, kind, considerate and warm. Provided me with a great toolbox and resources to apply to life.

Danny, 66

Meredith is phenomenal to work with. We explore what is blocking me from success or reaching my goals. The work we’ve done together doesn’t even feel like work because it’s more like unlocking the doors in my psyche. Highly recommend that everyone have a session with Meredith. You will find improvements is all areas of your life. Office is comfortable in an outdoor environment and parking is easy.

Sienna, 43